Catholic Weddings in Italy

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Catholic Weddings in Italy
Italy with its ancient history  gives  you the opportunity to find the most beautiful and enchanting churches and locations where to celebrate your catholic wedding ceremony.
In order  to perform a Catholic wedding ceremony in Italy there are some particular requirements to follow:

  • In Italy a Catholic ceremony can only be celebrated in a church
  • Pre marriage preparation certificate of attendance from your pre-cana class
  • Baptism certificates that must be issued within 6 months of your wedding
  • Dispensation will be required from your local parish priest plus the religious “NullaOsta” which is issued by your Bishop
  • If you have been divorced and the wedding was not officially annulled, you cannot marry in the Catholic church
  • Catholic weddings in Italy can be legally binding
  • Paperwork have to be issued within 6 months of the proposed wedding date, but not before otherwise they will expire
  • Religious paperwork need to be received by the Italian Curia at least 2 months prior the wedding day
  • Mixed religion wedding are allowed only if approved by your Parish Bishop


For further information, please, contact our wedding planners that will be very glad to give you some suggestions to plan your wedding in the right way.