Protestant Weddings in Italy

protestant ceremony in Italy

Protestant Weddings in Italy
There are so many kind of religious practices under  the Protestant religious groups:  Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians and others.
 The traditional marriage ceremony usually includes a welcome to guests, an Introduction, a reading of Scripture, a Declaration of Consent, an exchange of vows and rings and the Solemn Nuptial Blessing. At the end of the ceremony there is also the Lord's Prayer and the signing of documents . The attendants are active participants in the ceremony. They  take part in the ceremony through personal remarks, scriptural readings and responses, guests can help to share in the experience of an Italy wedding. Furthermore, the couple can personalize their own ceremony by choosing favorite readings  (from suggested Bible passages or other romantic works) by adding their own personal vows or promises to the formal one.
 Protestant wedding services have few restrictions. If the couple has previously been civilly married, in their own country, the Pastor will require a valid and recent civil marriage certificate, prior to performing the Protestant wedding ceremony, in Italy.
Italy is mostly Catholic therefore Protestant churches are located only in some big cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples.

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