Weddings in Sorrento

Sorrento is the ideal place for your wedding!
The town is located on a tufa terrace with sheer rocky cliffs which fall straight down to the sea. The beauty of the site and of the spectacular  landscape,  the flourish citrus groves, the immensity of the panorama over the gulf of Naples, Vesuvius and the extraordinary blue  of the sea make this city a perfect setting for a romantic and unique wedding.
Civil weddings in Sorrento are celebrated in  the Cloister of San Francesco built in the VIII century  that is a historical place where there is a fusion of different architectural styles that create a magical atmosphere for the ceremony.
In this town there are some exclusive hotels with panoramic terraces that are available  for performing  Protestant or Symbolic ceremonies.
Catholic ceremonies are not available.
Planning Sorrento has selected the most charming and elegant hotels and exclusive restaurants where to organize your wedding reception in Sorrento.

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