Weddings in Capri

Capri is one of the most famous and enchanting islands of the world and it is a great rock that soars like a dream lost in the cobalt blue sea that surrounds it. It is  one of the Mediterranean jewel that with its peaceful charm, its splendid fragrance of flowers, its magnificent panorama and the blue sea is considered a romantic location for your wedding in Italy.
In ancient times Capri enchanted Phoenicians, Greek and Romans and it is common knowledge that Caesar Augustus loved this island and Tiberius spent in Capri the last years of his life and built 12 villas.
Capri becomes very famous with the discovery of the “Blue Grotto” and millions of visitors arrive each year to visit this splendid magnificence.
Capri island has two towns: Capri and Anacapri in which it is possible to celebrate Civil wedding ceremonies.
The Town Hall of Capri is located in the centre exactly in a room facing the “Piazzetta Umberto I” while Anacapri Town Hall has an impressive gardens with a breathtaking view on the sea.
Symbolic and Protestant ceremonies can be performed on the terrace of a 5 star luxury hotel or in a private villaor on a splendid boat. Planning Sorrento has selected so many locations and will help you in the choice in accordance to your needs and desires.
Catholic weddings in Capri are not available because the bishop of Capri has ruled that only Italian nationals can be married in the island's Roman Catholic churches.
Planning Sorrento has selected the most charming and elegant hotels and exclusive restaurants where to organize your wedding reception in Capri.

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