Weddings in Rome

Rome is the Capital, the Eternal city, wherever you turn you are surrounded by centuries of antiquities, monuments, magnificent Basilicas and Churches and above all… beauty!

Rome is the most charming and enchanting cities of the world, its famous sights such as the Colosseum, the Spanish steps, the Trevi Fountain are a perfect settingfor your wedding!

A wedding in Rome offers options for everyone whether you are planning a Civil, Catholic, Protestantor Symbolic wedding.  

Civil weddings in Rome are celebrated in three different wedding halls: Campidoglio, Caracalla. Thesetwo locations are very different. The Caracalla wedding hall used to be a Convent and is situated in the historical centre of Rome and it is surrounded by a vast gardens.Less elegant and formal than the Campidoglio, it has a more charming and rustic feel. The Campidoglio wedding hall is right in the centre of Rome overlooking the Roman Forum and is quite formal and elaborated with enchanting and amazing ceilings.

If you are considering of getting married with a Catholic wedding we inform you that Catholic weddings in Rome can be celebrated in many of the city’s great historical churches including a Chapel inside the Vatican. Rome is the cradle of Catholicism and the city is so full of splendid and enchanting churches that makes the choice superb but we has selecting the most charming churches where to celebrate your wedding in Rome and we will be very glad to support you in the choice of the church.

For your Rome wedding reception we have selected a big variety of locations, exclusive venues, luxury hotels, famous restaurants and private villa, there are options for every taste. The area surrounding Rome is famous for its spectacular castles located in panoramic settings that will take your breath away.

These castles and villas are also perfect for planning a Protestant or Symbolic wedding in Rome.

Planning Sorrento has selected the most charming and elegant hotels and exclusive restaurants where to organize your wedding reception in Rome.


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