Weddings in Florence

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy it is full of art and historical monuments and millions of visitors arrive each year to visit this splendid city that is a romantic setting for your wedding ceremony!

Civil Weddings in Florence are held in a Medioeval Castle “Palazzo Vecchio” and exactly in the “SalaRossa” that is an unique example of the beauty of Reinassance art that make certainly this location a magnificent place to perform your wedding ceremony.

Catholic ceremony are available in many historical churches located in Florence, one of great historical value is the Church of Santa Trinità a church in Reinassance style located in the centre of the city near the Arno River.

Couples desiring to have a Protestant wedding in Florence can choose to marry in one of the Protestant churches such as English Protestant Church or Episcopal Protestant Church or request to us a Pastor to perform a ceremony in one of the luxury hotels, Medioeval Castles or charming gardens .

Planning Sorrento has selected many venues, exclusive hotels and private villas for perfomingSymbolic ceremony. We can realize with you a tailored symbolic ceremony suggesting you beautiful readings and vows and some soft music to create an elegant atmosphere and a magical wedding ceremony.

Planning Sorrento has selected the most charming and elegant hotels and exclusive restaurants where to organize your wedding reception in Florence.

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