Italian wedding ceremonies


“It’s just the possibility to realize a dream that makes life interesting”- William Shakespeare-

Getting married in Italy will be a unique experience and Planning Sorrento  with our highly qualified team will be at your disposal throughout the development of your wedding  and even on the day.
Our wedding planners can offer you support in the planning and realization of your wedding ceremony and can assist you for the arrangement of the following ceremonies:





Civil Ceremony

Italian civil ceremony

Civil weddings in Italy
 A civil wedding in Italy is a memorable and unique experience thanks to the beauty and the charm of many Italian Town Halls.
The most important things to know for performing a civil wedding ceremony in Italy are the followings:

  • Civil ceremonies are performed in Italian by Mayor or civil registrar with an official interpreter and are legally recognized throughout  the world.
  • Some Registry Offices in Italy will require you to sign a Declaration of Intention to Marry 2 or 4 days prior to your marriage ceremony.
  • Ceremonies lasts about twenty-five minutes.
  • Civil ceremonies consists in a mix between the articles of the Italian Civil Code which relate to mutual rights and duties of married couples and traditional marriage vows.
  • Two witnesses  are necessary and must be at least 18 years and have a valid passport or ID.
  • Civil ceremony in Italy can be personalized with elements that  are the expression of your personality and your soul: personal vows, poetry, reading and music.
  • Civil ceremony by Law must take place only in buildings approved by the Italian government.

For further information, please, contact our wedding planners that will be very glad to give you some suggestions to plan your wedding in the right way.






Catholic Weddings in Italy

Wedding Ceremonycatholic-cerem

Catholic Weddings in Italy
Italy with its ancient history  gives  you the opportunity to find the most beautiful and enchanting churches and locations where to celebrate your catholic wedding ceremony.
In order  to perform a Catholic wedding ceremony in Italy there are some particular requirements to follow:

  • In Italy a Catholic ceremony can only be celebrated in a church
  • Pre marriage preparation certificate of attendance from your pre-cana class
  • Baptism certificates that must be issued within 6 months of your wedding
  • Dispensation will be required from your local parish priest plus the religious “NullaOsta” which is issued by your Bishop
  • If you have been divorced and the wedding was not officially annulled, you cannot marry in the Catholic church
  • Catholic weddings in Italy can be legally binding
  • Paperwork have to be issued within 6 months of the proposed wedding date, but not before otherwise they will expire
  • Religious paperwork need to be received by the Italian Curia at least 2 months prior the wedding day
  • Mixed religion wedding are allowed only if approved by your Parish Bishop


For further information, please, contact our wedding planners that will be very glad to give you some suggestions to plan your wedding in the right way.





Protestant Weddings in Italy

protestant ceremony in Italy

Protestant Weddings in Italy
There are so many kind of religious practices under  the Protestant religious groups:  Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians and others.
 The traditional marriage ceremony usually includes a welcome to guests, an Introduction, a reading of Scripture, a Declaration of Consent, an exchange of vows and rings and the Solemn Nuptial Blessing. At the end of the ceremony there is also the Lord's Prayer and the signing of documents . The attendants are active participants in the ceremony. They  take part in the ceremony through personal remarks, scriptural readings and responses, guests can help to share in the experience of an Italy wedding. Furthermore, the couple can personalize their own ceremony by choosing favorite readings  (from suggested Bible passages or other romantic works) by adding their own personal vows or promises to the formal one.
 Protestant wedding services have few restrictions. If the couple has previously been civilly married, in their own country, the Pastor will require a valid and recent civil marriage certificate, prior to performing the Protestant wedding ceremony, in Italy.
Italy is mostly Catholic therefore Protestant churches are located only in some big cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples.

For further information, please, contact our wedding planners that will be very glad to give you some suggestions to plan your wedding in the right way.






Symbolic ceremony


Symbolic Weddings in Italy

Iole Celebrant - Wedding Officiant and Wedding Celebrant in Italy -


The most intimate, the most heartfelt, the most intense demonstration of your union and declaration of your love. A Symbolic Ceremony is your wedding exactly how you want it in every expression and our wedding planners will guide you to realize the dream of your life….

A Symbolic Ceremony can be held just about anywhere! There are some special romantic places in Italy to choose from castles, private villas, gardens, boats, beaches, and many more you are able to choose the setting that reflects your style.

You choose the readings that come straight from your heart. There are hundreds of vows that our Symbolic Celebrant ,Iole Celebrant can suggest to you and you can decide together. See our Symbolic Celebrant here.

Vows are personal and intimate, so you should reflect with one another and pick those that express your feelings towards each other. You are free to decide your wedding! If you have famous readings you wish to have read, it can be done. Your ceremony reflects YOU! You choose the readings that come straight from your HEART!


For further information, please, contact our wedding planners.







Renewal of vows & blessing ceremony in Italy


Italy is the best place to choose for your Renewal of vows or simply a blessing ceremony!

Italy is full of beautiful locations that can be a perfect place to renew your wedding vows or have a ring blessing ceremony.

You can celebrate your union and during the ceremony you can reflect the history of your relationship since you met including your hope for your future life.

Vow renewals are the best way to declare your love for each other. Our wedding planners will plan and create with you the right atmosphere for the event that will be romantic , elegant and charming.

We guide you personally through all the selection and execution phases of your Wedding. We are happy only when our clients are fully satisfied!


For further information, please, contact our wedding planners.





What time of the year is best to get married ?


In Italy there are so many places that can be adorable all time of the year. However we suggest you the best six months of the year; from April in springtime to the beginning of October when the air is more fresh.

If you need to organize with us your trip to the Embassy in Rome for the beginning of the week and meet your local Wedding coordinator, we suggest you to arrive during the weekend

Surely the best day to get married is a week day, morning or afternoon will be the same it just depends on availability.

Please, consider that the Town Hall is an office so it will be closed for National Holidays and Sundays. Your Wedding planner will let you know the working schedule of the week.

Special exceptions are possible but need to be arranged, for example some locations will allow the Ceremony in a non- working day, but for an extra fee.

We inform you that Italian National Holidays are the followings:


January 1New Year's Day

January 6 Epiphany


April 1 Easter Monday

April 25 Liberation Day

May 1 Labour Day

June 2   Republic Day

August 15   Assumption Day

November 1 All Saints’ Day

December 8 Immaculate Conception Day

December 25 Christmas Day

December 26 St. Stephens Day


For further information, please, contact our wedding planners.