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The desire  to create a personalized,  memorable and unique  Wedding has never been greater.
Most couples don’t  know where to begin and where they can be assured of the type of qualityfor the wedding day. This particularly applies when you are dreaming a Wedding abroad and your Wedding planner is far away from you.  For those couples looking to use the full support and experience of a wedding planner we will organize and manage all the aspects of the wedding  ceremony and reception.
You will be able to select from our trusted list of venues and take advantage of our suppliers.
This includes, but is not limited to: florists, entertainers, transport-providers, musicians and photographers.
We manage and co-ordinate suppliers, ordering samples, arranging appointments, handling paperwork, confirming all timings, details and deliveries.  

We will give you all our support for all your needs and we are also able to provide you with a wide range of different types of services.

We will:

  • Advice and support you for all the necessary paperwork in accordance to your nationality
  • Liaise with Embassy, religious and governmental authorities
  • Assist you for the choice of the location for your wedding and for the booking of wedding ceremony location(Church, Town hall, garden, boat and more )
  • Contact the  Priest, celebrant and interpreter for the wedding ceremony
  • Provide  you with a wedding coordinator for giving assistance during your stay

We provide you also with the organization of:

We will propose to you:




Services for wedding ceremony


Wedding Celebrant/Italy

Translation Services/Italy


"If we can get married abroad will our marriage be legally recognized?"


For most counries the answr is :"Yes".

Your marriage will be legally recognized but wedding abroad legal requirements can vary from country to country. 

Planning Sorrento will give you  the right support for all your needs and  our wedding planners will be  able to provide you with a wide range of different types of services.
Usually for getting married in Italy there are specific marriage requirements needed by foreign couples.
In accordance with the nationality of the spouses paperwork documentation may be different and our wedding planners will be  glad to help you thanks to  their great experience with all legal documents required to perform a wedding ceremony in Italy.

All wedding ceremonies performed in Italy  are legally recognized throughout  the world.

Planning Sorrento can assist you for the arrangement of the following ceremonies:




Photographer & Videographer


Planning Sorrento collaborates with professional photographers that have the  aim to capture the fun, the emotion and the details of your big day and are able to realize a natural and creative representation of your Italian Wedding.

Your wedding photos should be as beautiful and special as your wedding day!

Photographers  spend time getting to know you, your style, your personality and your wishes, to create a photography service that is unique to you!





Floral decorations for wedding ceremony and reception

Flowers are a precious part of your wedding day!
Planning Sorrento works with skilled florists that are able to give a touch of elegance in creating beautiful floral decorations for your ceremony, floral arrangements for the church, Town Hall or private venue.

They will prepare for you the appropriate bouquet, boutonnieres for the groom and guys and all floral decoration in accordance to your chosen style giving to your wedding a touch of elegance.




Music for wedding ceremony and reception in Italy

Your wedding day will have a magical atmosphere if you choose musicians!
Planning Sorrento collaborates with professional artists and famous musicians that will guide you in the selection of music and we can assure you that choices are limitless, you can choose guitar & mandolin , a string quartet or a jazz band, you can decide what type of music is appropriate for your wedding day!

During the wedding ceremony we can propose some soft music to create a soft and elegant atmosphere such as:
Harpist and string quartet
Guitar & Mandolin
Organist and Soprano
And other music services available

During the aperitif we have so many musical options such as :

  • Jazz Trio
  • Guitar & Mandolin
  • Neapolitan Quartet
  • Violin and Violoncello
  • String quartet
  • Pianist & Singer
  • Sax
  • Pianist and Sax

During Dinner  reception we can offer:

  • Jazz Trio
  • Quartet playing classical Neapolitan songs
  • Pianist & Singer
  • Pianist with voice
  • DJ with pop music

During Party after Dinner the options are endless:

  • Jazz band &Singer
  • DJ
  • Neapolitans band with Tarantellas dancers
  • Pop band
  • Pianist & Singer playing classical Neapolitan songs
  • And others options available







Wedding cars & transport for guests

In order to make your Italian wedding more special there are many options of transportation and Planning Sorrento can suggest to you the choice in accordance to the place in which you will get married.


In Sorrento you cannot miss the traditional Horse & carriage , in Rome you can choose an antique car, in Positano you can even arrive  on boat, in Venice you can use the traditional “gondola”. You have so many options for making your wedding day unique and memorable.




Hairdresser & Beauty


Planning Sorrento collaborates with professional  hairdressers to create hair styles and makeup for your Italian wedding.  We will fix in advance  trial sessions in order to satisfy your desire and to guarantee the most perfect look for your big day.





Wedding Favours


If a couple decide to get married in Italy it is important to use and respect Italian tradition that are used on wedding days. One of the most popular tradition are wedding favours.

There are so many types of favours that it can be difficult to choose but we can suggest the appropriate favour in accordance to your wedding style. In ancient time  favours were wrapped in some particular bags of tulle for the wedding.

Their colour must be white and  generally are five as this because represent the qualities that the new spouses must have, which are:

  • Health
  • Fertility
  • Long Life
  • Happiness
  • Wealth

The flavours are  given as a token of thanks from the couple to their guests and they offer “confetti” to their guests after the cake has been cut .
Planning Sorrento suggest to you the classical “confettata” that is a traditional way  to offer Italian “confetti” to all guests.





Special Services


Planning Sorrento will suggest to you some special services that will guarantee an extraordinary  touch to your Italian wedding. Welcome gift basket for guests, helicopter rides, traditional dancers, sailboat cruise and final firework displays at midnight along with many ideas for making your wedding unforgettable…..

Planning Sorrento will suggest to you some special idea for the night before your wedding:   our “LAST NIGHT OF FREEEDOM”

Do you want to plan the night before your wedding  in a funny way ?

We can organize for you a variety of party in different locations and particular proposal:

  • Pizza Party   ….with a lot of different types in accordance with the ancient tradition of making    Neapolitan Pizza in the wood Owen ;
  • Beer Party ….tasting some tasty beer made in our country!
  • Barbecue Party  in a beautiful garden  enjoying with  a  friendly and easy atmosphere and some nice music!
  • And other more …….

More information



Wedding Cake


With our precise artistic research, unlimited passion for organization, care to detail and taste for elegance, Planning  Sorrento makes weddings truly spectacular.
We can propose to  you many  different kind of menus and particular attention is for the wedding cake that has to be chosen with particular attention suited to you.
Nowadays there are so many types of wedding cake and Italian wedding cakes are very tasty and are decorated with fresh flowers or some sugar decorations.
The care you take with decisions regarding other aspects of your wedding day should also be reflected with the same attention and touch of class in the selection of your wedding cake as well.
We will tell you some curious historical traditions associated with the wedding cake in order to explain to you  the importance of the wedding cake till ancient times.

The Wedding Cake’s History

You would be amazed to know that the original concept of the wedding cake finds its traces in the ancient Roman Empire. The wedding cake was perhaps not at its best then by our standards. Unlike the sweet iced cakes which we now love to savor, cakes then were made of whole wheat flour. Though the preparation and decoration of the wedding cake was done differently at this time, it still enjoyed the same attention and focus.
These bread cakes, as part of a curious ancient custom, were broken into small pieces over the bride's head. After this ritual, guests and relatives would eat them, as it was considered it to be a good omen.
In Medieval England, cakes were basically breads similar to flour-based foods minus sweetening. There are accounts of a custom that involved piling small sweet buns in front of the newly wed who then would make an attempt to kiss over the bread bun pile. If they could succeed in doing so, it was construed as a sign that the couple would bear many children.
Around late 17th century, to check the status of the wedding cake, we are treated to more interesting facts. During this period the wedding cake came to be known as the bride's pie or cake.
The bride's pie or cakes were merely mince pies made of sugary sweet breads. A glass ring was hidden in these pies during the preparation. A belief then was that the lucky female at the wedding gathering to find the ring in the cake would be the next one to wed.
The wedding cakes have historically been white, a shade that almost universally stands for purity. In fact, the idea of a white wedding became most prevalent during the Victorian era, symbolizing the innocence of childhood and purity of heart.
Another interesting tradition probably first witnessed in the 17th century was keeping a piece of cake under an unwed girl's pillow in the night. For this the cake was broken into tiny pieces, which then were passed through the bride's wedding ring. These pieces were then offered to the female guests to be placed under their own pillows. By following this ritual, it was believed that they would dream of their prospective husband.
An old saying goes, "You can't eat your cake and have it too." Well, times have changed, and so have conventional ways of thinking! The modern bride and groom want to eat their cake, and have it too!
So when you think of your wedding, think of the wedding cake, or vice versa, to make the occasion a memorable one. And remember, you can eat your cake, and have it too!